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2014-2015 NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Program Updates


August 1, 2014

From: Tina B. Kaplan, Joint Labor-Management Committees Director

Subject: 2014-2015 NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Program Updates

All programs announced last year remain available.

The following is an update on several Joint Labor-Management programs:

  •  Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Leave Program

Application deadlines are as follows:

October 8, 2014 for leaves in the Spring 2015 Semester

March 4, 2015 for leaves in the Fall 2015 Semester

October 7, 2015 for leaves in the Spring 2016 Semester

Please  read the program guidelines as there were minor changes last year. Chief among them is the requirement that applicants commit to returning to campus after the leave, in accordance with the SUNY Board of Trustees policy on sabbatical leaves. Campuses should also be aware that a copy of the accepted appointment letter for the replacement must be submitted to the JLMC office before funds will be made available to the campus. To access the program guidelines go to:

  •  Individual Development Awards

Allocations for Individual Development Awards will be sent to the campuses within the next two weeks. Each campus will receive its allocation calculated by the normal formula plus an additional allocation of $3,125. These allocations are for activities taking place in the period July 2, 2014 – July 1, 2015.

  •  Safety and Health Regional Training

OSHA 511 training will be held on a regional basis for Employee Health and Safety staff with the goal of improving compliance programs and achieving a safer campus. Campuses will be notified of the details of this training in the near future. It is anticipated that this training will take place in December.

  • Campus Mentoring Programs

Funding for campuses to create or expand programs to mentor new Academic and/or Professional employees is available through the Campus Grants Committee. Suggestions for such programs may be found at but campuses are encouraged to develop programs that are tailored to their campus’ specific needs.

  • Online Self-Study and Instructor Lead courses

A series of courses is available, at no cost, to employees who would like to further their professional development. A summary of these self-study and instructor lead courses may be accessed at



Contingent Employee resolutions passed at AFT Convention

Dear Colleagues,

Two important resolutions pertaining to contingent employees were passed at the AFT Convention earlier this month. A notice is posted on the UUP home page.

The resolution titled “Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Eligibility for Part-Time Faculty” was submitted by UUP.

The resolution titled “Ending the Exploitation of and the Reliance on a Contingent Academic Labor System in Higher Education” was submitted by AFT’s Executive Council.

Thanks to our UUP delegates who spoke to these resolutions during the Higher Education Committee meeting at the Convention. These two resolutions, plus the edTPA resolution submitted by UUP and PSC, were selected as the top three resolutions from the Higher Education Committee. Only the top three resolutions from each AFT committee are brought to the convention floor for a vote.

Special thanks to UUP Executive Board member Anne Wiegard for delivering strong and informative statements on the convention floor in support of both contingent employee resolutions.

In solidarity,
Fred Kowal
UUP President