Oswego Chapter Committees


Affirmative Action Committee:

Bonita Hampton (Chair)
Tiffany Bell
Maureen Curtin
Christy Huynh
Mary McCune
Barbara Streets

Committee on Professional Evaluation:

Patrick Devendorf (Chair)
Tammy Anderson
Robin McAleese
Rick Kolenda
Mike Pisa

College Review Panel:

Glynn English (Chair)
Michelle Bandla
Sara Blaney
Allen Bradberry
Sandy Kyle

IDAP Committee:

Winfield Ihlow (Liaison)
Jennifer Fogel
Josh McKeown
Ray Morrison
Minjung Seo
Karen Wolford
To be announced

Safety and Health Committee:

Maureen Curtin
Bonita Hampton
Bill Schleinitz

Adjunct/Contingent Concerns Committee:

Charlie Itzin (Chair)

Minutes (09/13-14/2017)

Membership is open to all Oswego Chapter members