Why Join UUP?

What’s the difference between being a union member and a fee payer? Power!

Every two years, you can run for office and vote for delegates and officers. You can vote on whether to ratify new contracts. You can attend assemblies, conventions, and workshops—all for free!

Is it that you’re trying to keep some extra change in your pocket? Don’t forget—members and fee payers all pay the same dues, but joining the union can mean much bigger change! Joining gives you the opportunity to weigh in on the decisions United University Professions makes. All you need to do is sign up as a member.

We know – hard times in the economy can make for hard times in the workplace. Maybe your workload is increasing. Maybe you are doing more with less. Maybe you could use some support navigating these conditions. Maybe you’re looking for a little more certainty in all of this – Join the union and enjoy the power of our alliance!

To join UUP, please visit here.